What To Expect

1: Making an appointment

To make an appointment, please whatsapp us at 9681 6420 or email us at sarah.kidsfocus@gmail.com. You do not need a referral from a doctor to secure an appointment with us. But your doctor, therapist or other professionals may give you a referral letter for ease of professional communication and continuation of care.

We try our very best to accommodate your request for specific appointment times and physiotherapists. However, some appointment slots are ultra-popular and you may need to wait for some time before the slot becomes available. If your child has a condition that requires physiotherapy attention quickly (within the week), we will advise you and offer you an appointment slot that is most suitable to your child’s needs and your schedule.

Similarly, your physiotherapist of choice may not be available immediately to work with your child. In this case, you may choose to work with another physiotherapist or wait for your choice. All our physiotherapists have similar depth of paediatric physiotherapy training (but we do possess different therapy styles) and we are all fully competent to look after children from a large spectrum of special needs.

We respect your time and your punctuality. We have reserved 45 minutes solely for your child. We do not double-book our appointment slots so that we can serve you and your child with undivided attention.

You will receive an appointment reminder 48 hours before your scheduled appointment through whatsapp. Kindly respond to this reminder to confirm your attendance.

3: Follow-up Intervention and Evaluation

Please do arrive at least 5 minutes before your appointment time to allow your child to settle and familiarize herself/himself. Similarly, we ask that you keep accompanying adult caregivers to a maximum of 2. Other children are not allowed into the session. Your physiotherapist will re-evaluate your child’s progress, carry out more intervention and activities and also have you practise alongside her. You are most welcomed to ask relevant questions and participate in the therapy. Your physiotherapist will most likely end the session with a home activities program.

5: Physiotherapy Report & Correspondence

A physiotherapy summary will be sent to your referring health professional on a periodic basis. Our physiotherapists (with your approval) may also call or email your child’s doctors, therapists and teachers should the need arise.

Should you require a full physiotherapy report for your own record keeping or any other purposes, a physiotherapy report fee will apply.

2: Initial Evaluation

Please give yourselves ample time to locate us and please do arrive at least 10 minutes before your appointment time to allow your child to settle into our relaxing therapy atmosphere. To optimize each appointment, we allow only a maximum of 2 adult caregivers to accompany your child. Too many caregivers can be distracting and overwhelmingly challenging for children under evaluation. For safety reasons, we do not allow any other children into the therapy session. Your physiotherapist will ask you to fill in a short intake form. Some time will be spent asking you relevant questions and more time will be spent observing, holding and moving your child. By the end of the initial evaluation, your physiotherapist will advise you on what exercises and activities your child should be doing and how you can help your child. You will also be briefed about your child’s follow-up physiotherapy sessions.

4: Cancellation and latecoming

If you are unable to attend the physiotherapy appointment secured for your child, please cancel it within 24 hours of the appointment or as soon as you are aware of your unavailability (whichever is soonest). This will allow us to offer the slot to another child who is waiting to receive our services. When every family exercises this behavior, our waiting list will be kept to a minimum and all children can access our services with ease. Ultimately, this will help contain costs and therapy fees escalation can be avoided.

Cancellation charges equivalent to 100% of therapy fees will apply to all cancellations made with less than 24 hours notice.

If you are late for your appointment, you will be seen for the remainder of the time your appointment was originally scheduled for.